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"I loved the Pragmatic seminars yet I'm struggling to apply the techniques to our organization and our products."

Product professionals who attend Pragmatic Institute classes come away energized but sometimes confused about where to begin. With so many great stories and techniques, it's hard to know which apply to your situation.

Start with a
team assessment

Get a baseline of your current state so we can determine how to move your team to the next level.

Up-skill your team in key areas

With application coaching, you learn by doing, not by lecture. Each topic combines discussion with application.

Create your 
product playbook

Define a standard set of tools and deliverables—a product “playbook”—tailored to your organization. 

Implement Pragmatic's market-driven philosophy with experts who have been there. 

Since 1995, our founders has coached thousands of product professionals and executives in the techniques taught by Pragmatic Institute as well as the methods described in Turn Ideas Into Products by Steve Johnson


Your team can go from idea to product to market in less than 13 weeks.

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Integrating Pragmatic with the Quartz Open Framework

The Pragmatic model is helpful for understanding the scope of product management but it's not a process. 

Steve Johnson, co-creator of the Quartz Open Framework and founder of Product Growth Leaders, explains how to define your processes with activities and artifacts from Pragmatic using the Quartz Open Framework canvas.

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