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Simplify your path from idea to market 

Remove the confusion.
Embrace consistency. 

Quartz Open Framework

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Enable your product teams to achieve business results through a nimble process, practical tools, and a common language. 

The Quartz Open Framework was created by leveraging the experience of dozens of product professionals and industry thought-leaders.

Introducing Quartz

One of the keys to success is a standard process. In less than 5 minutes, Steve Johnson, co-creator of the Quartz Open Framework, shows how to avoid the challenges of managing products when little or no process exists.
Introducing Quartz

Introducing Quartz

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Standardize your team’s processes

Just as you have a process for development and for selling, you need a process for defining which products and features to create… from idea to market.

  • Become more systematic and purposeful.

  • Build confidence in how decisions are made.

A standard process for product and content teams


A standard process for product and content teams

Move from idea to market with ready-to-use templates

Easy to deploy

Move from idea to market with ready-to-use templates

Use Quartz without dues or copyright concerns


Use Quartz without dues or copyright concerns

We are continually evaluating and improving the practices and processes of product management.

Process is how product companies scale 

Need a template? Provide your email to download free Quartz templates.

Quartz is FREE to use, EASY to deploy in any organization, and OPEN with a Creative Commons License.

PHASES of Quartz

As a process framework, Quartz defines the necessary steps and how to order them, turning innovation into a choreographed dance. 
Quartz-with words.png
Always Be Learning

Continuous learning is at the core of Quartz. Learn at every step and adjust your plans accordingly.

Product Strategy

Before investing in a new idea, whether a new product, a new initiative, or a new launch, know whether it is worth it for your organization, where it fits in your portfolio, and what people will benefit.

Product Planning

With the approval to proceed with the innovation, lay out the vision and goals of the project, define who will buy and adopt the innovation, and start creating.

Product Growth

Concurrent with product creation, prepare your internal teams to deliver to your market and customers. Come up with go-to-market plans and define launch goals. As you execute, consider what has and has not worked and feed that information back into the organization.

Get a set of ready-to-use templates to kickstart your implementation of the Quartz Open Framework.

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