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About Us


The Quartz Open Framework was created by leveraging the experience of dozens of product professionals and industry thought leaders.


In 2018, a small team of product professionals united with a shared vision to establish a straightforward process for product innovation and clarify the scope of product management. They wanted it to be simple enough for other teams to understand and specific enough to guide decisions.


The ultimate objective? Crafting a framework universally accessible and free from copyright concerns.


The Quartz Open Framework is the result.


Some process frameworks are too simplistic to be helpful. Others are too complex.


Lean Startup encourages you to BUILD, MEASURE, and LEARN. But this isn’t really a process; it is more a philosophy. Yes, you should build and measure and learn.


But there’s so much more to managing products than building. First, you define a product idea and commit the resources to creating it. You describe the potential buyers and users, and the problems you’re setting out to solve. You create the solution while preparing your organization to deliver the solution to your customers.


And adapt as you learn more from your customers and internal teams.


Since its introduction, Quartz has been used to define processes for software, life sciences, technical hardware, and professional services. It’s been used for planning the launch of SaaS products and defining and delivering new learning programs.


Welcome to the Quartz Open Framework, a framework designed to be used and adapted, available under a Creative Commons license to anyone.

Quartz Open Framework partners bring years of experience implementing the best practices in product marketing and management. The Quartz Open Framework team certifies each partner and consultant to ensure consistency. Each partner brings industry excellence in critical areas of the framework.


Whether you need us to teach it, coach it, or do it, the Quartz Open Framework partners can help you in all stages of the framework from strategy to execution.

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